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Meet The Team



T-zar The Tyrant


T-zar The Tyrant was born and raised in Northern California and often expresses his experiences through his inspirational, real life, story telling, highly guitar/piano based music while hoping to bring light on uneducated/unseen matters for younger generations in the world.

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Nonimous was born and raised in the Golden State of California. His non-stop backflipping of words and harder than ever punch lines make Nonimous one of those "listen to everyday" artists. His ongoing wordplay and ability to use any beat makes him one of the most lyrical, versatile artists in the game.

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Sir Wavee


Sir Wavee was born in Stratford, London, and grew up in Westminster, London. He gained interest in music at age of 9, saying "my brother would 'bring the party' back to our house and that's what made me love dubstep and electro". Learning how to make beats by the age of 10, he started DJing these after parties for his brother. Starting from that young of an age is why some people may know/reference him as the "Long Time London Kid".


Lil Prysm


Lil Prysm was born, raised, and currently resides in Jaragua, Brazil. His music journey started from the bass of the drums his family would play at his young ages. Lil Prysm plans to follow his grandfathers footsteps and provide alternative life for his family in Brazil, continuing to live by the saying his grandfather would say, 
"Se é para o bem de todos e felicidade geral da nação, diga ao povo que fico."

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Halcyon Beats


Halcyon Beats comes out of Philadelphia. Isn't it always sunny there? It is when he's in the studio he says, "So yes, everyday" (laugh). His relaxed energy is where is name originated, Halcyon. Focusing on more soothing, almost meditative like vibes, he adds just the right amount of positivity and uplifting to the Squad.


Yung Bru


Yung Bru was born and raised in Hebron, Israel. Bru is one of 5 kids from his mother. He has older sister, a younger sister, and 2 younger brothers. Starting with minimal resources, in his short period of music he has began to pave his way, gaining serious knowledge and an insane ear for technical mechanics. Bru is Bomb Squad's latest sign to the team and the only one thus far this '22, creating an instant spark to their producer team.

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